Using Evernote to Plan a Trip

With my friends, I go on and on about using Evernote, the note-taking application. There are of course other note-taking applications like One Note and Google Keep, but Evernote is the one I use for my main repository of digital files (documents, articles, lists, etc.). Most importantly I use Evernote when my partner and I travel. This is how I use Evernote when traveling abroad.

Before taking our first long trip abroad in 2013 to Salzburg, Austria, I made the plunge and upgraded to premium membership because I wanted to access certain files offline when I’m away from home (wifi and cell network). I don’t expect to be always connected to the internet while on vacation, but I want to have access to those travel documents without having to hunt down a wifi signal nor pay for cellphone network access. As soon as I receive the plane and hotel confirmation via e-mail, I forward it to my Evernote account. Being an Evernote user, you receive a unique e-mail address to where you can send documents, files, articles, and photos–pretty much anything you can send by e-mail. Once the ball is rolling for our trip, I create a “notebook” called Austria 2013. This is the notebook that I will be sending all of my information about our trip. Meanwhile, on my laptop, which also has Evernote uploaded to it, I research places to see, public transport information, maps to save, and restaurants to try. There is a web clipper application that Evernote uses and it’s linked to my account.


You can save links, web pages, or screenshots of web pages.

Here is a sample list of information that I keep in my trip folders:

  • Airline and hotel confirmation
  • Airport information (maps, public transportation)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel documents (visa, passport)
  • Cruise documents (if you’re going on a cruise)
  • Public transport information
  • Maps (metro, train, or bus)
  • Information about local tourist attractions
  • Information about stores or shopping centers
  • Train boarding passes (we receive ours via e-mail)

For the most part, Evernote is a dependable and reliable application for organizing and saving my travel information. I have saved nine trips in Evernote, and those saved information made our vacation that much more enjoyable, knowing we had all the information at our fingertips.

In particular, not only can I access Evernote on my laptop, cellphone, and tablet, but I can also access my Evernote account along with all my notes from any other device as long as I have access to the internet. Evernote can also make lists with check boxes. Before any trip, I make a checklist of any items we need for our trip. As I double check our travel bags, I mark the check box.

So for your next trip, check out Evernote and see how it can help you organize your next trip.

(How to Use Evernote When Traveling Published by Joel Delizo, March 7th, 2014 in Blogger, updated for WordPress)


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