Tagonce: The Smart Luggage Tag

One of the great things about Kickstarter is browsing all the projects people display to be crowdfunded.  Tagonce, a project launched in the summer of 2015 by Brian Høj Andersen, is touted as the “next generation” luggage tag.  As a traveler, this new luggage tag appealed to me since most everyone now has a smartphone.


On traditional luggage tags, you have to write pretty small in order to fit your name, address, and maybe a phone number.  And if you had managed to fit all that information onto that tiny piece of paper, you may wonder if anyone else can actually decipher it.  With the Tagonce, all that information can be noted, clearly, within either the website or the mobile phone application.


Not only can you enter your contact information, but also your destination’s address and phone number such as a hotel or a resort.  Moreover you can enter dates when you will be staying there.  After confirming a trip with an airline company and the accommodation, you can type in the hotel information on the Tagonce website, using your own login.  The website as well as the app also provide a map of where your hotel is located.



So if you are worried that your luggage might be left behind, at least you know that someone can contact you while on vacation or away from home, either through phone or e-mail.  Furthermore, you can allow what information to be displayed if your bag is found.  If someone does scan your tag, you will receive a notification about it–I’ve done this several times to see how it works.  The person scanning your tag, most importantly, does not need to have the Tagonce app.

Tagonce, however, does not locate where your luggage is.  It is not a bluetooth tracker like the Tile.  With this in mind, the Tagonce works as an updated luggage tag–simple and specific in its purpose.

By and large, the Tagonce does exactly what it is meant to do.  I have not experienced losing my luggage or bag, but I travel with the Tagonce on my luggage and my carry-on.  I even keep one on my everyday bag.  To facilitate improvements, the creator of these tags is open to hear your feedback–he is a nice guy.  Tagonce can be ordered from its website, and they come in various colors. There is even a tag with an NFC chip.

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