Samsung Note 6

No, you read that correctly.  In light of all that has happened surrounding the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7, I wanted to write an opinion blog about the Note line that I have come to love and rely.


Before the Note 7 hit the market in August 2016, my Facebook feed was filled with rumored Note 6 specifications.  One rumored spec was that the screen was to be 6″.  I was excited because the Note 5, having a non-removable battery and no microSD slot, seemed more like an iPhone.  At that time, the iPhone 6 and specifically the iPhone 6 Plus came out in the same year, with the iPhone 6 Plus sporting a 5.5″ screen; the first time that Apple has offered a screen that size which typically was an Android screen spec.

During this time, I have read many comments from Android fanboys and fangirls who were disappointed to see a non-removable battery and the disappearance of the much beloved microSD slot.  Many were wanting to jump the Samsung ship for another Android phone manufacturer like LG.  The LG4 still retained the removable battery and the microSD.

As an Android fanboy and a Note 4 user, I wondered what would it take to bring back the enthusiasm to be a Samsung Android user.  First on my mind was for Samsung to set itself apart from Apple.  That was easy since all Samsung had to do was bring back the removable battery and microSD slot, two features that the iPhone does not have.  Easy enough.  The next Note number was suppose to be 6, but Samsung wanted the numbers to be current with Apple as well as Samsung’s S line; hence, Samsung skipping 6 and naming it Galaxy Note 7.  Here is where I think Samsung missed an opportunity:  they should have increased the ante by making a 6″ screen to coincide with the name Note 6.  This would have set themselves apart even further from Apple as well as other Android phones currently available.  It would have been huge by cell phone standards, but most people had the same reaction with the Note line.

This was my vision, but I was still wonderfully surprised to see the Galaxy Note 7; its design and specifications.  It was beautiful and easy to use.  By now most people are aware of the Note 7 fiasco. Alas, it is no more.  I finally received my UPS box sent by Samsung to return the original Note 7 device.  It was fun while it lasted.  I shipped it back on the 20th of October.  On the bright side, I will be getting a refund which means more spending money on an upcoming trip to Down Under, and Samsung had given me a wireless bluetooth speaker for purchasing the Note 7 during presale.  All that for bluetooth speaker.


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